Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Litter Warriors 3977

A group of dedicated residents of Eve, Avenue, Arbourlea, Allen Farm, Tulliallan, Sierra Estates has created a social clean up group named “Litter Warriors 3977”. This group  endeavors to keep the neighborhood, the surrounding wetlands and the streets clean and tidy. Residents including children are active participants in their regular Sunday litter walks.

The group have regular litter walks picking up dumped/blown rubbish, broken glass and food wrappers, plastic straws, cigarette butts, tissues, wipes, and masks, amongst other items, that could so easily be contained.

The organizers believe that children should grow up with the community spirit of mindfulness and respect for everyone. The group welcomes anyone who is keen and willing to act socially responsible to have the community clean, safe and presentable.

For more details, please email

J.George is a local resident of City of Casey and involved in Community & Social activities since many years. A very active local citizen and a community person.

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