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Rates notice scam in Casey

The City of Casey has been made aware of an apparent rates scam. 

What we know is that the scammers have:

  • phoned ratepayers and advised them that they can get a discount on their rates
  • then asked ratepayers to deposit the amount into a nominated bank account (less the discount amount) 
  • made the payment to Council on behalf of the ratepayer, and provided evidence to the ratepayer
  • Recontacted Council and lodged a payment dispute, allowing them to receive a full refund on the rates paid. 

At that point, the scammer has retained the amount originally paid by the ratepayer, and the ratepayer only belatedly finds out that their rates account has not been paid and they are left with the original, outstanding rates balance.

We urge people to conduct the appropriate security checks when someone phones claiming to be from Council. For example, ask for their full name and postal address, and for them to advise you how much is owing on the rates notice. You can also ask to return their call, and phone Casey on 9705 5200. 

Please be vigilant and only pay your rates via the payment methods provided on your rates notice.

Please pass this message on to your elderly friends or others who might not be on social media.

For more information or if you have had a similar experience, please phone us on the number above. 

J.George is a local resident of City of Casey and involved in Community & Social activities since many years. A very active local citizen and a community person.

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